What is the goal of Alaska Mission for Christ?

The goal of Alaska Mission for Christ is to share Christ in the last frontier. This goal is spelled out below in the ends statements of AMC:

  • A BOLD proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is made to those who do not yet know Him in every community in Alaska.
  • As a result of this proclamation many people are saved by God’s grace for eternal life. It’s harvest time – all the time.
  • As people come to faith in Jesus, they become part of local Christian faith communities.
  • As people grow in faith, the Church, the LCMS, local Christian faith communities, and individual believers are built up to the glory of God.
  • As individual Christians grow in faith they share Jesus with others.
  • Lay ministry servants are prepared to share the Gospel in all settings.
  • As the Church is built up to the glory of God, people will be identified, encouraged and trained for commissioned or ordained ministry.
  • Alaska congregations, volunteers, District, Synod, and other Christian groups will joyfully share in the mission work of Jesus through the AMC.