Winter Ministry

Alaska Mission for Christ has a lot of ministry in the Summer.  We have Vacation Bible School Programs,  Sports Camps,  Boat ministry,  Hammer and Nail Projects, Special Community Events and much more.  Most of our 400 plus volunteers come to Alaska in the Summer.  But our summer ministry is just one part of what we do. 

In the winter, when it is dark, snowy, and cold, Alaska Mission for Christ continues to reach out with the Gospel.  That can be anything from Licensed Deacon, Bruce Grossmann providing weekly worship services in the village of Tanacross to Mt Drum travelling twice a month to Chitina to visit with adults and run a Sunday School program for the children of the community.  Sometimes winter outreach means travelling out at night to help pull someone out of the snowy ditch.  Other times it means listening on the phone with a person who is struggling to heal from an addiction. 

There is plenty to do in Alaska in the winter.  Please pray for us as we continue to try to make a bold witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Alaska all year round.