Out of Our Control

As I sit and look out my window at a May snowstorm, I am reminded of how little control we have over the weather.  No matter how much I want the weather to be warm and sunny, my desires do not make a bit of difference.  

The same is true of working with people.  No matter how much I want to help someone to get over their addiction, get healed from their disease, or get reconciled in their personal relationships, those are not things I can control.  Ministry is not about fixing people.  That is God's work.  Our work is to love people, pray for them, and point them to Jesus.  God can use our love as part of the healing, but ultimately the healing is in God's hands.  

This Summer, Alaska Mission for Christ will have over 400 volunteers sharing the Good News of Jesus in over 50 communities.  Each one of those people will love someone here in Alaska.  I am confident that God will use that love to make a difference in the lives of many children and adults, but ultimately the One who will bring healing and life to Alaska is Jesus.  

Please pray with us that Jesus will impact Alaska this Summer through the work of Alaska Mission for Christ!