Mt Drum Medical Exchange


A few months back, I was working with a family that had a cancer patient that was in need of a hospital bed.  The bed would take several days to get to his house from Anchorage.  A few days later, the man died.  They had bought the bed but only used it one or two days.  As I was talking to one of the nurses as the local Christian Medical Clinic, I found out that there are a lot of people that have used medical equipment that they no longer need.  This nurse was willing to store the equipment and share it with those in need, but she did not have a place to store it.  After several conversations with the CEO of the clinic, we decided to start a program that would allow us to store used medical equipment and then get the equipment to people in need.  

Enter the volunteer work team from Peace Lutheran Church in Antigo, Wisconsin.  They came to Alaska willing to serve and do what is needed to help us in our ministry in the Copper Valley.  So we set them to work to revamp, modify, and upgrade a shed on the Crossroad Medical Clinic property.  They did a beautiful job and paid for all of the renovations. This shed will be leased to Mt. Drum Lutheran Church and we will use it to house our new Medical Exchange program.  

These are the sorts of cooperative efforts that Alaska Mission for Christ loves to do.  A work team works together with local Christians to help meet a community need.  Through meeting that need, we proclaim the love of Christ.