Hold On For the Ride

Do you know the feeling of riding on a roller coaster as you slowly climb the first big hill?  You know that in a few seconds you will be hurtling down the other side flipped upside down and ripped around corners.  Then before you know it the ride is over.  

I feel like we are on that upward ride as we get ready for our Alaska Summer.  Things have been busy but not crazy.  Starting next week they start to go a lot faster.  I will be in town (Anchorage) for three days for a funeral.  Then the next Monday we start our VBS.  The week after I will be in Cordova to scope out church planting opportunities and needs. Then more VBS's and work camps and more.  In August we will be outside (that is what Alaskans call any place but Alaska) for Kim's nephew's wedding and to preach at a church in Fort Wayne and another in Chicago.  Then it will be moose season and the Summer will be over.

Summer gets crazy but it is filled with great opportunities to build relationships with people and to point them to Jesus.  Everything that we do is in hopes that God will use our relationships with people in Alaska to bring others to know Him.  We are willing to put up with a little craziness if it results in more Alaskans sharing the love that we have in Jesus.  Please pray for our hectic Summer that it will bear much fruit as we make a bold witness for Jesus in Alaska.