It was minus 44 this morning.  I am sort of getting used to this.  Since I returned from Asia on November 21, it has not reached above 25 below.  The weather station keeps promising it will warm up in a few days.  Last week, they said it would be warmer today.  Now they are saying it will get to zero on Saturday.  Zero is shorts weather!

The cold didn't stop over 70 people from our community joining us last Sunday for our community Christmas drama.  My wife, Kim, worked with the kids and a few adults to put together a fun drama that we called a Christmas kick-off.  It told the Christmas story in a light and engaging way.  

Events like this are really important as we try to bring Christians together with non Christians in a relaxed environment.  Then as relationships grow people can share their faith.  Most people that come to faith or renew their faith do so because a friend or family member has shared the Gospel with them.

AMC works very hard to put Christians in places where they can form relationships with non Christians.  While one time mission events where a volunteer from outside Alaska comes and does a Bible School or hammer and nail project can help support the ministry, ChristmasPlay2012amanithey do not have the same impact as the volunteers who return year after year and continue to communicate with their Alaskan friends in between events.  These long term volunteers model Christian love, forgiveness, and care.  In the context of that love, people are open to listen to what the volunteer has to say about Jesus.  

Please pray for us as we continue to build relationships that point people to Jesus. Stay warm!