February 7, 2018

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the communities in southwest Alaska who have requested a summer VBS team. May God raise up new teams to serve in this region.
  • Pray for the communities of Mentasta, Tenakee Springs, and Teslin.
  • Thank God for the team leaders and volunteers who attended the CONNECT Gathering, January 19-20, at St. Paul Lutheran, Munster, Indiana. This was an excellent opportunity to Share, Learn, and Encourage in our ministry service throughout the summer months.
  • Thanksgiving for safe and rewarding travel for Rev. Todd Roeske and Rev. Keith Aschenbeck in the lower 48 to share the mission and ministry of Alaska Mission for Christ.
  • Thanksgiving for the opportunity Rev. Aaron Spratt had to travel to Hoonah this month to meet with community leaders.

December 2017 Prayer Requests

-For the AMC Connect gathering on January 19-20 in Munster, IN.  Volunteers will share resources and learn to become better at proclaiming Jesus in Alaska.

-For outreach in Southwest Alaska.  Jan Bruick spent three days in Bethel this month to deepen our relationships and look for better ways to serve in that part of the state.  We hope to call a missionary to serve there by the end of the 2019.

-For Elders in Native communities throughout Alaska.  Elders are the soul of the community in many native villages.  Yet they struggle with  health challenges and  doubts about their value.  Pray that AMC will find ways to love and support  Elders.


September 2015 Prayer Requests

 Pray for our Fall and Winter outreach with the Good News of Jesus.

 Pray for the Lord to send us a missionary for Southeast, Alaska.

 Pray for David Grosz, as he seeks a new vocation after leaving AMC.

 Pray for AMC as we evaluate our ministry in Southwest Alaska and make plans for the future. 

 Pray for the new worship services being offered in Tetlin, AK. 

 Pray for the AMC Face to Face Board Meeting on October 9-10 in Palmer, AK.  Pray the Lord will guide us as we seek his will for the future outreach of AMC.

 Thank the Lord for a wonderful Summer of ministry in about 50 communities through close to 500 volunteers. 

 Thank the Lord for the ministry of Rev. Lang Yang as he trains leaders for the Hmong community in Chugiak, Alaska. 


Please Pray For:

These are the pray requests that came from our staff meeting today:

  • Pray for Akiak, Kake, and Copper Center as ministry continues in these communities
  • David's Friend Raising trip in Nebraska next month will be fruitful
  • For those in Alaska struggling with addictions
  • That facebook will become a better communication tool
  • Thank you for a suggessful Friend Raising trip that Ruth just got back from
  • For Ruth's father-in-law that just lost his wife
  • Todd as he has lots to do before his trip over seas.
  • Funds for new printer