Searching for a Home!

Searching for a home in the Last Frontier of Alaska is not an easy task.  Not only is life very different here, but the way in which people do things has definitely required Stacey and I to rethink a lot of things.  Homes here are generally several buildings that have been put together, or in the process of some manner of construction.  Many homes that are not currently occupied are being used as storage spaces.  And while I can compartmentalize things and see a vision of what a house 'might be', Stacey has a tough time seeing past the many things that either need to be done or need to be fixed.  The other reality is that few homes here qualify for a home loan becasue there are no building codes in this area.  In other words, there is a lot of Alaskan Bush Building techniques that would not pass a home inspection.  Keep us in your prayers on our continuing efforts to find a home.