Realizing the Reformation

The Reformation isn't just some obscure historical event that took place nearly 500 years ago.  And while the date marks the day that Martin Luther nailed 95 thesis statements to the church bulletin board (which happen to be the doors) it doesn't really reflect a significant act of reformation even for Luther.  The real days of change wouldn't occur for several years.

However, as we ready to celebrate the Reformation (or did this past week), we need to realize that the Reformation is a God directed event that has taken place many times, and still takes place today.  There are truly only two real events in God's Reformation that truly give peace and should always be realized: the first is the Cross and the second is the Resurrection!  Scripturally speaking they are the true Reformation that we must realize.

We were dead in our sins. Lost in a world of death and darkness.  Jesus came and allowed himself to be hung on a tree of death that the price of our evil would be paid.  Death could not hold him in the grave.  He rose from the dead that we may live in the glory of God on the day of resurrection.  Ultimately, Luther would come to realize this truth himself and would shout it from rooftops in opposition to the edicts from the Roman Church.  For this reason we celebrate! We rejoice!

But, Reformation isn't a one time event!  We too join in as we proclaim the Gospel to people lost in darkness.  We shout it out to all the nations of the earth!  For each of us has been called to give witness to the glorious Reformation that we have realized when God marked us as his own in the precious waters of Baptism!