Jeremy Faga was a volunteer with Alaska Mission for Christ from 1998 to 2003.  Jeremy came to Alaska in 1998 as a result of a challenge he heard from Dave Anderson of Fellowship Ministries for musicians to work with youth in Alaska. The Alaska Mission for Christ welcomed him to do ministry in the vicinity around Tok, Alaska, a remote area about 175 miles east of Fairbanks.

This 27 year old man was a constant witness to his Lord and had a circle of influence far greater than most people his age. In the five years that he worked as a lay minister for the Alaska Mission for Christ, Jeremy touched countless lives in Tok, Tanacross, Northway, Tetlin, Dot Lake, Mentasta, Slana and elsewhere.

The first years of his ministry in Alaska were supported by financial donors from the Lower 48. The last three years he worked as a music teacher at the public school in Tok, His conversation and life were constant witnesses to his faith in Christ, a faith he shared naturally and easily with those around him. He had a true servant's heart and would often have movie nights for teens at his modest apartment, or take music, youth, or athletic groups to concerts, shopping excursions, tournaments, and other events in Anchorage, Fairbanks, or even outside the state, often at his own expense. Jeremy wore out two cars in five years with the mileage he drove, often on rough and difficult roads. He gave music lessons to anyone, even if he had to learn to play the musical instrument himself.

His ability to make friends of all teens and adults was widely known in the area. He became an Alaskan easily and people of all ethnic and educational backgrounds warmed to his outgoing and friendly personality. He worked well with other lay ministers like Bruce and Dawn Grossmann in Delta Junction and with all the AMC staff and with his co-workers and students at the school in Tok and villages within a hundred mile radius of his home.

Tragically, Jeremy was killed in an automobile accident with a moose the day before Easter 2003.  Jeremy could never be replaced, but we believe that his legacy of loving people in service to Jesus should not be forgotten.  The best way to honor Jeremy's legacy is to continue the work which he believed in.  That work was to share the love of Jesus in the Tok area of Alaska. 

Therefore, we have established a Jeremy Faga Memorial Missionary Support Fund.  This fund  supports the work of Rev. Keith Aschenbeck and family who serve the Tok area (referred to as the Upper Tanana River Region). 

The fund is administered by Alaska Mission for Christ with all of the monies going to support the efforts of sharing the love of Jesus in Tok and the surrounding communities.  

If you would like to contribute to this fund, please send your gifts to:  Alaska Mission for Christ, 8100 Arctic Blvd.,  Anchorage, AK  99518-3003 or donate on line at: Jeremy Faga Missionary Support Fund