Last week I attended the annual meeting of the Alaska Province of the Moravian Church.  The Moravian Church was founded by John Hus an early reformer in 1447.  The Moravians started mission work in SW Alaska about 1885.

The meeting room was filled with Native pastors.  They spoke in their Yup'ik language.  The pastors prayed, read Scripture, and discussed the work of building the Faith among their people.  The Spirit of God was evident.  I wondered if the early missionaries, who built the first houses on the tundra, could have imagined what I was experiencing.  Those missionaries preached and served out of a calling and love for the Native people.  Most of them did not see the full results of their work.  It's like that with us.  We live in obedience to the Word of God, and show love toward our neighbor.  And, we trust God for the results of our humble efforts.