Amy Charmicheal was an Irish missionary who served  in India during British rule.  Despite faults she lived a life of obedience.  She avoided any luxury that would distract her from her unconditional sevice to her Master.  Amy had a soldier's heart of obedience, commitment,and sacrifice.  She once said, "Pray that we who are His sworn soldiers abroad may throw our kid gloves to the winds and FIGHT!"  Amy Charmicheal is an example to all of us who wish to stand with Christ against the evil that robs people of their peace and joy now and for eternity.

We are familiar with the passage in Ephesians where Paul encourages us to pick up the whole armor of God.  It sounds triumphant, but after a while that armor starts to chafe our skin.  The sword and shield become heavy making our arms ache.  However, as Amy said we are in a "fight".  The early Christians recognized this. They depicted Christ as a warrior-king with a sword over his shoulder.

Pray for those volunteers who are coming to Alaska to enter the battle here next summer.  Even now they are re-arming and refitting.  Many continue to  communicate with the people they met this past  summer.  They work to gather funding and new materials.  They recruit and encourage.  Your prayers and support for them make you part of the fight!

Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.  2Timothy 2:3