Jesus Bless You!

For the past two months I have been travelling from village to village in SW Alaska.  It has been an exciting time of Vacation Bible School, youth events and bible studies in remote places.  The ministry this summer was marked by people coming and asking for prayer as individuals.  People also had questions concerning the meaning of their dreams, and practicing their Christian faith.  I was happy to be part of these conversations. 

In one village we were teaching the story of Jesus blessing the little children (Matthew 19).  I told them that they could also bless people in the name of Jesus.  I told them they only had to remember three words: Jesus bless you. They were asked to say these words with me.  As I said each word I held a finger in the air until I had three fingers pointing straight up.  The idea was to help the children to remember by adding a hand motion.  Later that evening I was walking along the road to the river.  I met one of the shy little girls attending VBS.  She looked at me and wordlessly held up three fingers with a giggle.  There are many ways to bless our neighbors in the name of Jesus; many do not require words.