God Sightings

I've just returned from four weeks of travel in SW Alaska.  It was a time of flying in small planes, sleeping on the floor, eating peanutbutter and crackers, and working with lots of servant-volunteers with a heart for the people of Alaska.  It was also a time of marvel at the workings of Jesus.

This summer 13 villages on the Kuskokwim and Yukon rivers, and on the Bearing Sea were touched by the Gospel message.  These remote communities experienced Jesus in the form of volunteers who came as servants offering a message of salvation, and acts of careing.  

One team of volunteers used the expression of, "God sightings" to describe experiences of seeing  God at work.  This summer there were many God sightings:

  • Villages offered new places for teams to lodge and to hold programs.  School gyms were offered for programs.
  • Local Native pastors appeared at children's events to guide and encourage.
  • Village churches collaborated to support the programs for children.  Young Christians from the village appeared, and said "we are here to help".
  • Discussions were held long into the night on how to best disciple and train new Christians in the Faith.
  • Plans were made for collaboration around youth events to take place later this fall.
  • New opportunties for Christian professional to live work and minister in the villages emerged in the areas of health and education.  Volunteer nurses are needed.  Summer schools need volunteer teachers.
  • Finally, a volunteer said she asked a little girl what she learned at VBS.  The little girl looked up and said, "Jesus loves me, he will forgive me when I am sorry, and someday I will live with him forever".  Did you see Jesus?  He is right there looking up at you!

...no one can say, "Jesus is Lord," except by the Holy Spirit.  1 Cor. 12:3b