God and $Money$

It is humbling for me to talk about money.  I wish I was in a position where my ministry in SW Alaska was blessed with an abundance of financial resources.  If this were the case then I could say we must be doing God's will; look at how He is blessing us!  This is not the case however.  Financial giving for SW Alaska is down.  In a few months, if nothing changes, cuts in the ministry will need to be made.

Before coming to Alaska, I worked for an organization that raised money using highly developed marketing techniques implimented by highly paid people.  And, these techiques were successful.  You are exposed to them everyday.  AMC has intentionally chosen not to use these marketing tools to work on our supporters and friends.  Instead our approach has been that of Saint Paul.  He was not afraid to talk about money, or even ask for it.  But, he would not manipulate emotions, or otherwise pressure Christians to give (Cor.16:1-4). Paul simply stated the need, and let the Holy Spirit work.  The result was to God's glory and not man's cleverness.  

Paul asked the Corinthians  to help the church in Jerusalem that was suffering from a famine.  The AMC ministry in SW Alaska is asking for  funding to continue work in child evangelism, Christ centered healing for victims of abuse and addiction, and bible teaching for local Native Alaskan church leaders.

God bless you! 

Not that I am looking for a gift, but I am looking for what may be credited to your account. Philippians 4:20