David's notes for January

I am so excited about the new AMC website! This site will be so much help in supporting our volunteers and staying in touch with everyone.

The big story in Alaska is the snow. We don't measure it in inches but in feet. When the snow falls we plow it, push it, blow it, and throw it but it keeps coming! Alaskans are used to the snow and even worry when the temperature gets above freezing in the winter time.

Beside work on the new website I have been busy completing my courses for becoming a Licensed Deacon. I am very close and anxious to cross the finish-line. It has been a privilege to spend time in God's word and learning how to help people to live in His presence; realizing the peace and joy he offers each day.

Next month I'll let you know a bit more about SW Alaska where I spend time.  It is a unique place with great people.