Attitude Check!

How are you doing with your new-year resolutions?  I know I've seen several new faces at the gym.  This year I've decided to work on only one thing:  my attitude.  There is so much that is going to happen to me this year. Most of these things I won't be able to change or escape from.  The only thing I really have control over is my attitude.  The frame of mind that I choose to meet the challenges in my life will define how sucessful I will be in loving God and my neighbor.  The power of a positive attiude is something often talked about.  It is hard to go into a place of work and not see a poster encouraging the proper attitude.  However, we Chrisitans have someone special.  Someone who we can rest upon, and base our attitude on -- Jesus.  To remind me to keep a positive attitude this year I'm going to use a physical reminder -- water.  When I start to judge myself by worldly standards; I'm going to remember that through the water of baptism I'm a child of God.  When I lack courage to do the right thing; I'm going to remember that Jesus walked on water and asks us to do the same.  When I am tempted to withhold generosity from those in need; I'm going to remember that Jesus promises a reward to those who offer even a cup of cold water.  When my life becomes chaotic; I'm going to remember that Jesus calms the storms on the water.  I don't want simply a positive attitude this year; I want the attitude of Jesus in my heart.water

May God bless you this year!