Are You a Christmas Person?

What is Christmas for you?  Are you caught up in the rush of events and preparations?  Do you carry a slight irritation that the world exploits Christmas, and at the same time is critical of Christians? Are you left with only an abstraction of Christmas as you light candels or breath-in the fragrance of the tree.  Or, do you smell the hay,  feel the warmth of the animals, and  hear the scurry of mice in a stable in Bethlehem.  Can you see the child, who is fully God and fully man.  All of this is real.  This is not an idea, momentary feeling, pleasant fragrance, or warm glow.  A Christmas person is grounded in the reality that God became humanity at a certain place and time.  And, because of this their lives are changed...heart, mind, and body.  Changed how?  Are they more conscious of sin...more penitent?  Do they become more obedient?  Perhaps, but only in response to the joy of knowing a loving God that reaches out to them.  Christmas people experience real joy, because of a real event, about a real person our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Dear Father, I give you thanks for your Son Jesus. For His days on earth; For the record of His deeds of love; For the words He spoke for my guidance and help; For His obedience unto death; For His triumph over death; For the presence of His Spirit with me now; I thank you God. Amen.