Can we bring young children with our team?

AMC brings volunteers into communities that have many issues, including high rates of alcoholism, drug use, suicide and domestic violence.  We serve those communities to bring the love of Christ.  However, serving in these communities includes risk.  We have had teams in a village when a suicide occurred. There have been incidences of young people revealing sexual abuse. We often have had teams have to deal with intoxicated visitors.  Since children have difficulty processing these types of events, we have developed the following age policies for volunteers: 

·      High School teens must be accompanied by 1 adult for every 6 teenagers. 

·      Junior high volunteers are not appropriate in some communities.  Where appropriate, there must be 1 adult for every 4 junior high age volunteers. 

·      While family mission trips can be a blessing, families should recognize the risks of bringing smaller children on a mission trip.  Not only may younger children be exposed to traumatic events, the parents must spend much of their time and energy caring for the needs of these children.  Children under 13 may only volunteer on an Alaska Mission for Christ servant event with their parent(s) or guardians also in attendance.  

·      Any volunteer under high school age must be approved to serve by the Alaska Mission for Christ staff in consultation with the parents of the youth.

·      AMC gives priority to any team's age policies that are more restrictive than this policy.

(Board Approved: Feb. 2, 2018)