There are very few roads in comparison to the vast area of Alaska.  But scattered along the road system, there are many small communities.  Alaska Mission for Christ seeks to have a bold witness to the Gospel in these communities through Vacation Bible School, Sports Camps, and other Summer activities.  There are also year round ministries in the Copper Valley, Kenai Penisula, and Tanana Valley that seek to let people know the love of Jesus year round. 

Rev. Keith Aschenbeck began serving the Upper Tanana Valley in 2014.  His ministry focuses on Native Villages around the area of Tok. You can learn more about his ministry here.

Bruce Grossmann has been serving the Tanana Valley for the past 20 years.  Learn more about his life and ministry here.

Bill and Roberta Hilgendorf began serving in Cooper Landing and Sterling in 2015.  Bill is a Licensed Deacon.